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President Obama, Hair Color and Stress

2010 October 7
by admin

As you know or might have seen on Television, our President’s hair color has seen a gradual change in the years since he took office. When he started, his hair was a dark Black color that blended in well with his appearance. Currently President Obama has a 50/50 mix of Gray and Black hair.

Although the newly developed Gray hair gives the President a more distinguished look, it opens the door for the media to comment on how rapidly the job stress took its toll. The nation voted for a young charismatic person to lead this nation out of the problems we are facing. If Gray hair is a sign of wisdom, one can say that President Obama learned quite a lot since he took office.

Reversing the Gray

Reversing The Gray Recognized by Earth Clinic

2010 February 2

A very popular natural remedy forum called Earth Clinic strongly recognizes the active ingredients in the Reversing the Gray Program and touts it as one of the best remedies to slow down the progression of Gray hair and in many cases actually reverse the gray one currently has. Check it out!

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Gray Hair on the Body and Face

2010 January 19

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mail questions from people wondering if our program helps reverse gray hair found on the body and face. Since the process for hair color works the same way throughout the entire body, the answer is a resounding YES! The reversing the gray regimen will trigger a reaction in the melanocytes of hairs all over from the top of your head all the way to the bottom of your toes! Cheers,


Reversing The Gray

Side Effects of Polygonum Multiflorum aka Fo-Ti

2009 December 10

Many commercial products on the market claiming to restore hair’s natural color contain an ancient chinese herb called Fo-Ti or Polygonum Multiflorum.

The Chinese call it He Shou Wu which literally translates to “The Black Haired Man.” The name is based on another unproven legend that an elder man took this herb and his hair turned black.

Unfortunately, no definitive tests have been performed using Fo-Ti. The majority of Fo-Ti used today is of lower quality than the one they had 100 years ago because the plant doesn’t grow in most places. Moreover, if used improperly, it is thought to lead to emotional ailments such as anger and depression. The active ingredient found in the Reversing The Gray Program, is 100% all natural and hailed by many as a natural super food. There is no known side effects to date.

Reversing The Gray

Going Gray? Scientists uncover the root cause

2009 October 1

Very interesting article about how hydrogen peroxide naturally produced in the body causes gray hair. 

Scientists Uncover Cause of Gray Hair

This new information is important because the main ingredient in the “Reversing the Gray” program is Blackstrap Molasses a very powerful Hydrogen Peroxide inhibitor.

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What a life!

2009 September 18
by admin

The creator of this wonderful world we live must have known how frustrating and helpless people who suffer from premature gray hair feel.  I compare it to those who suffer from hair loss or those who are morbidly obese.  In a nutshell, it sucks! Society treats you differently.  For a young man trying to build confidence by entering the workforce or the dating scene it can be devastating.  I mean how many people look like George Clooney?  For most of us average Joes, the gray hair instantly adds 7-10 years onto our real age.

What can we do about this you ask?  Do we just sit around and accept our fate?  The answer is a resounding NO! There are options.  That is why I created the “Reversing the Gray” program. I take the guessing game out of wondering how much, and when to use some of the most powerful Gray hair reducers and reversers known to mankind today.  The supplements found in our program can be documented through a countless number of testimonials both on our site and around other sites.  One such site is

How come a program like this hasn’t made headlines?


Well for one reason, the big wigs in the industry:  The Laureals, Clairols, or Just for Men definitely don’t want you to know about it.  They are banking on you using their products for as long as possible.  Unfortunately, they also have the power to control the news.  The supplements used in the “Reversing the Gray” program are very inexpensive and therefore wouldn’t benefit these conglomorates worried about profits.  I’m just saying……

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