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Reversing the Gray vs. Everyone Else

2011 July 28

Up until the recent breakthrough Scientific discovery by FASEB (See Article here), the majority of Gray Hair pills or supplements contained one key ingredient, Fo-Ti, a chinese plant said to have properties that reverse gray hair and improve hair vitality.
Our thorough research over the years not only disproves this notion but actually shows some of the harmful side effects of this supplement.

After the FASEB article some get rich quick companies decided to make a quick buck by manufacturing and bottling Catalase, the naturally produced enzyme that breaks down Hydrogen Peroxide in the body, the main culprit behind our changing hair color. What they didn’t realize is that Catalase taken orally via a pill form gets immediately broken down by the body in the digestive track. The enzyme fails to catabolize the Hydrogen Peroxide because it can’t get absorbed and used, misleading hopeful customers into another fruitless pursuit.

Reversing the Gray aims to do things correctly and with transparency. Our active ingredients wont replace the catalase in your body because that’s impossible. What it will do will fortify the catalase producing parts within your body to produce the enzyme for longer periods of time and in many cases jump start those that have stalled or stopped completely.

The best part of it is the ingredients are found in your local healthfood store so you will know exactly what you are consuming!

Try it today, you’ve got nothing to lose. Reversing The Gray Home Page

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