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Matt LeBlanc reveals his sudden Gray Hair

2010 October 8

You recognize him as Joey from the hit show “Friends”. Matt LeBlanc, the young spunky, silly, handsome guy we all know and love revealed to a Television Critic’s panel that he dyed his hair the whole time he taped “Friends” and during his short stint on his own show “Joey”. “I just was sick of doing it”, the now 43 year old LeBlanc reiterated.

Had Matt tried alternative methods of naturally reversing his gray hair, he might not have reached the point of frustration. In addition, I don’t want to even thing of the side effects from 8 years worth of that nasty chemically rich dye. The bi-products of dye based on years of studies can range from headaches, nausea, to the most severe case of cancer found in lab rats. The ReversingTheGray book and program reveals the reason hair changes color in the first place and how to naturally replenish and replace the dead pigment producing cells. The best part is that all the ingredients in the program are 100% safe, natural and can only be found in health food stores. Give it a try today!

Reversing The Gray

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